HP promises webOS netbooks

first_imgPersonally I have always had a soft spot for HP/Palm’s webOS. It is certainly a powerful multi-tasking operating system that was shipped in a plastic body that put a lot of people off the original Palm Pre when it was first released.However, while I mentioned recently about HP’s new webOS tablet devices that are edging our way, the rumor mill has been working overtime and has now uncovered news that HP is working on a netbook device based on the aforementioned webOS.At the moment we are not sure about the spec, but multiple sources suggest that we are likely to see the netbook released February 9, so there should not be much of a wait before HP slips out the spec and features.It makes sense that HP will go down this route, after-all, Android netbooks from Lenovo are set to appear shortly and it will be good for consumers to have some choice. However, if I was HP I would make the netbook dual boot as well (so it also features Windows 7). This way if webOS does not take off you would still have a decent OS to fall back on.Read more at PreCentral via HP webOS Centrallast_img read more

Take a look inside an Imperial ATAT

first_imgYou must admit that the sight of several AT-AT units marching towards the rebel base on Hoth must have made a few rebel fighters wet themselves in their snowsuits. But yellow snow jokes aside, the Imperial AT-AT,  otherwise known as an All Terrain Armored Transport, is a formidable beast to behold. That is unless the walker’s legs get harpooned with a Snowspeeder cable and the AT-AT gets dropped to its knees like some sort of drunk robotic elephant.But have you ever wondered what goes on inside an Imperial AT-AT? Unfortunately, the Star Wars movie “The Empire Strikes Back” doesn’t give us much of an insight inside the walking behemoth. Thankfully for us though, we a have cross-section infographic that gives us a better idea about the internal workings of the heavily armored transport. This graphic not only provides data on the troop compliment for the AT-AT, but it also provides little known details such as storage of  Speeder Bikes. For a full-sized view of the infographic, click here.AdChoices广告Read more at I Love Charts, via  Nerd Approvedlast_img read more

Bing launches Bing Deals goes headtohead with LivingSocial and Groupon

first_imgSocial couponing. It’s de rigeur! There’s Groupon, the startup that started it all, and then there’s LivingSocial, Amazon‘s own stab at social couponing.Who’s next to join the craze? Believe it or not, Microsoft… or at least Bing. Microsoft’s surprisingly excellent search engine has just announced that it’s adding daily deals to its desktop and mobile versions, partnering with Dealmap to add 200,000 deals from 14,000 cities throughout the United States.On the mobile version of Bing, Bing Deals will be accessed through a dedicated “Deals” tab, while on the desktop, deals will be presented as a regular part of search results. Unfortunately, you can’t specify the types of deals you’d like to receive, since all deals are based strictly upon location. However, what you lack in specificity, you make up for in volume, since Dealmap — upon which Bing Deals is based — is a huge aggregator of deals from other sites. This is just another example of how Bing has slowly but surely, incrementally but noticeably, become an actual challenger to Google’s crown. Even so, though, it’s hard to miss the fact that social couponing sites like LivingSocial and Groupon and now Bing Deals can actually hurt the small businesses they are trying to promote by being a massive race to the bottom. While I love getting deals through these sites, one of these days, the social couponing market is going to just bottom out as businesses realize that these deals are unsustainable long-term: customers come in for the deal, but don’t stick around. Enjoy it while it lasts, friends.Read more at Binglast_img read more

iPad 3 out before Microsoft has Windows ready for tablets

first_imgWe’ve previously mentioned how Microsoft was eying Windows 8 as the platform of choice for its tablet offerings, but it appears that  Microsoft’s operating system team is in no rush to release anything. Bloomberg reports that sources at Microsoft have said that the company won’t be release a true tablet-ready operating system until the summer/fall of 2012.This has left some analysts (and us) flummoxed, noting that the Microsoft tablets would not be competing against the current tablet line-up, but potentially against the iPad 3 and Android-powered devices that had already seen multiple iterations.The sources noted that testing of the Windows tablet OS should begin in 2011. This version will not be based on Windows 8, but rather a modified version of Windows 7 with customizations made so that it would bePublic testing of a new version of Windows is expected near the end of this year. It will most likely be an suited for mouse/keyboard-free use.Read more at Bloomberg Businessweek Brett’s OpinionPersonally I think Microsoft is wise to hold fire, after all they are only just starting to tune Windows Phone 7, let alone try and release a true dedicated tablet operating system. Plus, Microsoft didn’t get to be the number one desktop OS manufacturer for nothing, as they like to see how the market pans out first and is prepared to let Apple dominate the tablet market to begin with and let smaller companies nip at their main competitor’s heals.last_img read more

Happy Pi day

first_imgIt’s March 14th, or 3.14, the day geeks around the world know to be Pi day. This is the number one day of the year to celebrate your favorite mathematical constant!If you take the day really seriously you can celebrate at 26 and a half seconds after 1:59pm (3.14159265 is pi truncated to 8 decimal places) but we’ll just be enjoying the entire day.AdChoices广告And just so you don’t embarrass yourself today, please don’t forget this one key fact: Pi is the ratio between the diameter of a circle and its circumference. That’s pretty basic knowledge for some, but if you’ve been out of school for a few years it’s easy enough to forget and think it’s the radius instead.The awesome video below tell’s us what exactly pi sounds like. Sounds impossible? Give it a watch, it’s actually quite clever. Warning: you might learn something watching it.How are you celebrating pi day? Baking a pi pie? Going to measure the circumference of column and discern the diameter? Or are you lazy and just waiting for pi approximation day (22/7 or July 22nd) to celebrate?video via good.is[image credit: flickr]last_img read more

Zeus trojan source code leaked variants expected

first_imgIf a hacker is in possession of a good virus or trojan, the chances are it isn’t going to be shared unless there’s a profit to be made. But the highly successful Zeus trojan is no longer worth any money to the hackers selling it, as someone has leaked the full source code.Is this good news or bad news? Well, it means that security companies around the world can now easily get a copy and start investigating how it was put together, so that’s a positive. Although that’s probably already been done many times over. However, with the inner-workings of the trojan now available for anyone to see, it could mean a slew of variants start being created that are more difficult for the anti-virus engines to identify.AdChoices广告Whether this is tied into the recent fake Microsoft Patch Tuesday email scam we don’t know, but it could be that the leaked source code was used to create that attack. And if one suspicious email appears, that means we could see hundreds more all using the same Zeus trojan as a base.Zeus targets banking details and collects them by using keylogging and form grabbing technqiues on an infected system. It has been around since 2007 and has created botnets consisting of millions of computers as well as gaining access to many U.S. bank accounts of some of the most well-known institutions including Bank of America.Read more at Tom’s Guide and CSISMatthew’s OpinionI expect there will likely be a lot more crimekits appearing for sale soon touted as a new method of attack, but ultimately just being a reworked Zeus trojan. Ultimately that does mean more of these scams appearing via email, though.As an end user you just need to be vigilant, and don’t open any attachments you don’t trust 100%. Even then, run a scan on the email and file if you can as the trusted person who sent it may be passing on a malicious file without even knowing it.last_img read more

London Philharmonic performs medley of over 20 video game songs

first_imgThe sign of a good video game theme song is when the song is stuck in your head for hours, or even days, after you finished playing. True, you might not think it’s the best thing ever when all you hear is the Moon Theme from the Duck Tales NES game or the Kirby’s Dream Land theme. Then, there are songs like the Legend of Zelda theme or the Super Mario Bros. theme that everyone and their moms are familiar with. We’ve clearly reached a point where video game themes must be given the full respect they deserve — we’re talking Philharmonic style.That’s right, the London Philharmonic Orchestra transformed more than 20 video game songs into beautiful orchestral pieces that were performed at the Royal Festival Hall in London on Friday, September 2. Lead by Andrew Skeet, the composer who has worked on movies like Ridley Scott’s “Robin Hood,” and Garth Jennings’ “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,” compiled a slew of video game themes into one medley that was performed as part of the Vision Sound Music festival.The games included in the London Philharmonic’s performance include Final Fantasy, Tetris, Advent Rising, Halo, BioShock, Dead Space, Mass Effect, Battlefield, Call of Duty, Splinter Cell, Elder Scrolls, Legend of Zelda, Myst, World of Warcraft, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, Super Mario Bros., Enemy Zero, 007: Blood Stone, Little Big Planet, Grant Theft Auto, and Metal Gear Solid. Skeet said the songs go a “bit on the nostalgia front,” but that he also had to find the “best bits of music.”We have to admit, there are a lot of newer games in there, and we’re missing the theme songs that kept us entertained during our childhood. Still, we’re sure the event was amazing, and there’s even a CD that will be coming out in the fall. We’ll keep you posted when its release date is announced.via BBC, London Philharmoniclast_img read more

Facebook explains why it tracks you even when youre logged out

first_imgCookies have been a feature of the web for as long as I can remember. In many cases they are a useful feature to have as they remember your preferences and limit the amount of times you need to login to a service you have signed up for. But there is a dark side to cookie use in the form of them tracking where you go.The advice to anyone concerned about tracking through cookies is to use a good cookie clean-up utility and log out of sites you believe to be tracking you around the web. But in the case of Facebook it turns out that logging out of your account is not enough–Facebook continues to track you.This is possible because when you log out of Facebook the associated cookies are not deleted off your machine. So, any site you visit that has a connection to Facebook e.g. the Like button that is now so common, will proceed to check if you have a Facebook cookie. If you do, it can pick up the information and know you’ve visited that site.This logged out tracking was discovered by the Australian writer and hacker Nik Cubrilovic and confirmed logging out is no longer enough. His conclusion is the only way to stop Facebook tracking is to delete all associated cookies and use Facebook in a separate browser to your other, general web surfing.Facebook cookie when logged outOn Nik’s post where he detailed his findings, Facebook engineer Gregg Stefancik took the time to respond in the comments section. The point he made is that yes, Facebook does track logged out users, but it has good reason to do so.Stefancik’s main point is that Facebook does not share or sell the information it gathers, nor does it use the information for its own advertising or partners. In fact, he states that Facebook does not carry out any tracking at all, at least not in the usual way.Stefancik breaks the situation down into logged in and logged out cookie use to give us a clear idea of what Facebook is doing. When logged in, Facebook uses cookies to serve up custom content, monitor click-through rates, and for security purposes such as two-factor authentication and to counteract denial-of-service attacks.When you log out, the remaining Facebook cookies become a different tool for the social network. Stefancik states they are useful for blocking spammers and phishers, stopping underage users from re-registering with a fake birth date, continuing to keep login approvals and notifications secure, keeping track of shared computer logins, and as a way of helping in the recovery of hacked accounts.So while Facebook “tracking” when logged out of your account may seem like cause for concern, it in fact turns out to be part of a wider security effort for the social network. Stefancik also states that logging out of Facebook does delete “account-specific cookies” and those that are left do not allow for personal identity tracking.The one area where this would continue to be of most concern is public terminal use. Facebook does leave cookie information on the machine related to your account, so if you are using a public machine, you can walk away having logged out with that data still present. It is then in the hands of the software managing that public machine to delete all traces of your session.Whatever you feel about when and why Facebook tracks you, remember you always have a choice if you feel it is a concern. Delete all cookies relating to the service and only use it in a browser separate to your general web surfing. That way the tracking will only ever be for Facebook-related viewing.Read more at Nik Cubriloviclast_img read more

iCloudfriendly iTunes 105 is ready for download

first_imgThe first step in Apple’s official iCloud rollout happened today, with the release of iTunes 10.5. After months of beta releases getting developers set for Apple’s cord-cutting update, this is the first public release of iTunes that plays nicely with Apple’s cloud capabilities.This is a necessary prelude to tomorrow’s official release of iOS 5, which will bring iCloud to millions of iOS devices worldwide. In case you’ve been marooned on a deserted island for the last four months, iCloud is Apple’s new feature that allows wireless background syncing on everything from Macs to iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches (PCs might even get in on some photo-syncing love).The features that Apple is highlighting in this edition of iTunes relate more to iCloud in general than they do to this particular iTunes software, but it’s related nonetheless. Automatic downloads of purchases across multiple devices, purchase history, and iTunes Match are all promoted as “what’s new” in iTunes 10.5.While Apple’s decade-old “music player” (and so much more) isn’t likely to completely vanish anytime soon, much of what iCloud does is to eliminate the need for iTunes. With iPhones and iPads soon able to be activated wirelessly, with entire music collections downloaded from iTunes Match, data backed up (and stored) in the cloud, and even full iOS software updates pushed OTA, iTunes’ place in the Apple hierarchy might be shrinking soon.iTunes 10.5 can be downloaded from the link below, or via software update.Stay tuned to Geek.com for full coverage of tomorrow’s iOS 5/iCloud launch, along with Friday’s iPhone 4S release.Download iTunes 10.5 (free, Mac or PC)via 9to5Maclast_img read more

Virgin Galactic successfully tests space plane for commercial flights

first_imgSpaceX seems to get all the private rocket buzz these days, but Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic is also out there, firing off rockets and aiming for the heavens. The company’s SpaceShipTwo space plane just completed its first powered test flight, and the video footage is a sight to behold.Rather than enter into some NASA contract to shoot supplies into space on a giant rocket with a totally boring unmanned robot spacecraft, Virgin is working toward the goal of taking people into space. Well, neither one is actually boring, and the Virgin flights aren’t exactly going to be in most people’s price range. When the trip is made available to consumers as early as late 2013, the estimated cost is going to be a steep $200,000. Clearly not within reach of the common man.SpaceShipTwo is a suborbital vehicle that will be flown up above commercial air traffic by a larger plane. In the video this task is accomplished by WhiteKnightTwo, which reached an altitude of 46,000 feet before releasing the smaller rocket-powered space plane. The craft’s engine was then fired for 16 seconds, reaching a maximum speed of Mach 1.2. This pushed SpaceShipTwo up to 56,000 feet before it disengaged and returned to Earth.The space plane was piloted by Mark Stucky and co-pilot Mike Alsbury, who don’t actually work for Virgin Galactic. Both pilots are with Scaled Composites, the firm which built SpaceShipTwo for Virgin. This test is the third unassisted flight of the ship, but only the first time the engine has been engaged in the air.When real flights begin, the SpaceShipTwo will use its rocket engine to take travelers to the edge of space, where they will make a full orbit of Earth and get to experience weightlessness. This could best be described as extremely low Earth orbit — substantially below even the orbit of the International Space Station. Although, wealthy folks are probably still going to line up at the airlock once the service goes live.last_img read more

Six fascinating subReddits you must check out

first_imgReddit began as the upstart challenger to one-time social news juggernaut Digg. Now eight years on Reddit has risen to become one of the most influential drivers of traffic and opinion on the web. Of course, there are also lots of cat GIFs. But beyond the cats there is a remarkable array of interesting content on Reddit.Anyone can start a new section of Reddit, called a sub-Reddit. Sometimes these are dedicated to a common cause, or to a favorite pastime, and sometimes it’s simply about sharing awesome things. Let’s dive into the maelstrom of Reddit and find some of the most fascinating sub-Reddits.r/TechSupportGoreThis is not the kind of gore usually associated with the internet — this is totally safe for work, unless you work on computers for a living. Then it’s the bane of your existence. The TechSupportGore sub-Reddit is a place for techies and IT professionals alike to share horror stories and photos of abused technology.There are a ton of pictures of computers so filthy inside you think nothing will ever top it — then you go on to the next page and are proven wrong. Physical damage is a big part of TechSupportGore, as well. PC’s catching fire, iPads run over by cars, and disastrous wiring jobs are all in the mix to make you cringe.Errors screens are mostly  banned by the sidebar rules, but an exception is usually made for particularly egregious failures. A blue screen of death on a billboard is always welcome, for instance.The carnage on TechSupportGore is sure to elicit a tiny tinge of sympathetic pain from any technology enthusiast. Certainly worth a look.r/AskScienceFictionShould you have even a passing interest in sci-fi, this sub-Reddit should be of intense interest to you. The premise here is that members of the community pose questions about how fictional universes work. For example, what’s the point of Stormtrooper armor if it doesn’t even protect from a glancing blaster bolt or an angry Ewok? Or how does warp drive work in Star Trek? Think you know? If your answer was, “it makes for a more dramatic story line,” you would not be welcome in AskScienceFiction.The goal is to answer the queries without breaking the fourth wall and only using information contained in the source material, be it a comic, movie, or book. You essentially have to pretend the fictional universe you’re trying to rationalize is real. There are also some more straight forward questions posed that don’t require logical gymnastics, just a little research.Each post is conveniently tagged with the sci-fi universe it is set in. Questions occasionally bleed out from sci-fi into various fantasy and cartoon genres. So, if you want to debate what daily life is like on an Imperial Star Desroyer, hop on over to AskScienceFiction. Some of the responses are downright brilliant.r/HistoryPornThis sub-Reddit uses “porn” in a jovial, colloquial kind of way — it is mostly safe for work. This sub is for posting old photographs from all different eras.Each post contains a basic description of the image, a year or exact date, and the resolution. Anyone who enjoys learning about military history will be particularly floored by some of the content posted in r/HistoryPorn. The discussions in the comment sections are wide ranging and often result in related images being dug up.While the vast majority of content in this sub-Reddit is G-rated, there are some posts marked as NSFW for death or mild gore. It turns out the past was pretty messy.Next page: Random acts of… pizza? 1 2last_img read more

Newspaper ad claims PS4 release date is November 21

first_imgWe still don’t know the exact date that the Xbox One will launch, but we do know it’s going to happen in November. Sony on the other hand has only said that the PS4 will arrive in time for the Holidays this year, which means a release could happen any time from September right up until December.It looks likely Sony will go head-to-head with Microsoft in November, though, if a UK newspaper advertisement is to be believed.The Sun newspaper has a PS4 advert that highlights the price of the new console as well as reminding everyone you can trade your used games easily and don’t need the Internet to use it. But it also lists a launch date of November 21.The advert certainly doesn’t look fake, but it seems unlikely Sony wouldn’t make a big deal about announcing the launch date. So chances are the newspaper has messed up and printed the advertisement too early.Sony has a lot of flexibility in the date that it picks, so this could actually be a planned accident. What they would really like to happen is for Microsoft to confirm the Xbox One release day first, then Sony can do the maximum damage by choosing to launch around then, probably just before, in an attempt to steal sales and drown out Microsoft’s marketing.So is November 21 the actual PS4 release date? I doubt it. This is a well done fake ad, a complete mess up on the part of the newspaper, or sneaky marketing on the part of Sony.last_img read more

DARPAs Warrior Web exosuit gets a closeup on video

first_imgFor a while now, we’ve been hearing about DARPA’s attempts to realize their childhood warrior-suit fantasies — and if it happens to help soldiers a bit along the way, so much the better.They’ve had to scale back their Aliens dock-loader dreams just a bit, however. What started out as a quest to create, in their words, a real-life Iron Man, has become the quest to create the world’s best hernia belt. Gone are the dreams of ton-lifting super-soldiers. Now DARPA is looking for much more realistic gains, and yesterday they released a video that shows with all-new detail how they plan to achieve them.The Warrior Web suit started out with projects like the famously ostentatious photo below, but basic issues tripped it up. They might have been able to get one working well for a specific person, but the realities of designing a still, motor-assisted exo-skeleton made them ill-suited (woo!) for mass production. Joint misalignment and small repetitive stresses actually tended to create more injuries than they prevented. That’s when the priorities shifted from the ultimate in performance to the ultimate in comfort.Today, we have the $2.4 million Warrior Web program.The exo-skeleton must now be referred to as an exo-suit, since it contains no stiff parts whatsoever, and is designed to fit easily beneath standard-issue fatigues and never to restrict range of motion. We’ve been aware of the Warrior Web system for a while now, but shots have always been somewhat cryptic; we saw a guy wearing a thing that is allegedly helpful when trekking Afghanistan. Now, however, some of the mechanics are being put on display.The video takes special care to highlight the lower legs on the suit, which heavily feature thick elastics connecting the heel to the leg. As the soldier steps forward, the elastics on the lagging foot tighten, presumably lending this pent-up energy to the soldier as he makes the next stroke forward. In this way, the body and equipment weight help to stretch the elastic, and the elastic helps to lift the weight. Back support is also a feature of the suit, redistributing the stress of a load more evenly about the body.And, of course, the suit will assist with lifting. The extent to which the newer, softer Warrior Web can achieve this goal is unclear right now, but DARPA is dedicated to helping soldiers carrying loads up to 100 pounds. The video shows many of the key joints and support areas — if y0u can spot anything else new, let us know!last_img read more

Geek deals 32inch HDTV with 125 gift card 59 1TB HDD more

first_imgFor those making the journey to college this year, it can be a very freeing experience. For us geeks, it also means a time to outfit the domicile with new technology. Whether this is your situation or you just want a cheap, small TV, our deal of the day has you covered.This deal lets you snag a Samsung 32-inch LCD HDTV for $267.99, get free shipping, and a $125 e-gift card good for anything sold at Dell.com. The UN32EH4003 is sized just right size for an office, dorm room, or bedroom, and comes equipped with an LED backlight and 720p resolution. While some might lament the lack of 1080p resolution, at this size it really offers no benefit.The bonus $125 e-gift card is perfect to snatch up some other accessories to outfit the new digs. Dell actually stocks and sells a large assortment of consumer electronics at competitive prices and you can always use it to get a big discount on a new monitor or PC.Samsung UN32EH4003 720p LED HDTV + $125 gift card for $267.99 + free shipping (reg. $319.99 | GC arrives in 10-20 days by email) We’ve also found a few more hot deals on tech products, perfect for stocking the dorm or just upgrading your home tech some too. Today only you can grab a Western Digital 1 terabyte USB 3.0 hard drive for just $59 with free shipping. You can also grab a Jawbone ICON Bluetooth headset for just $29.97 shipped, but we don’t expect that deal to last long either. Keeping with Bluetooth hotness, grab the premium Monster ClarityHD micro Bluetooth speaker at 50% off.Ends today! WD My Passport 1TB USB 3.0 Portable Hard Drive for $59 + free shipping (reg. $129)Expiring soon! Jawbone ICON Suede Bluetooth Headset for $29.97 + free shipping (reg. $49.99)Monster ClarityHD Precision Micro Portable Bluetooth Speaker for $59.95 + shipping (reg. $119.95)last_img read more

Google Sales Specialists are headed to Best Buy stores Update

first_imgUPDATE: in an previous version of this post we incorrectly attributed a quote made by Google’s Chris Dale in regards to Google stepping into Best Buy stored. Dales’ comment was specifically targeted at Google Glass, and not Google as a whole. That sentence has been redacted. Recruiting officers are currently filling a new Google Sales Specialist position for Best Buy locations around the US for the holiday season.It wasn’t too long ago that Best Buy’s Jon Sandler spoke about the company’s lack of plans to announce more collaborations in regards to Google showing up in their stores more directly. This point was clarified by CEO Hubert Joly these plans could be adjusted if it made sense for their customers. Now it looks like just in time for Christmas there will in fact be third party staffers in Best Buy stores helping sell Google’s products. MarketStar is currently leading a massive hiring push all across the US for Google fans who would be well suited to stand in Best Buy stores and talk about their many products. These will not be Best Buy employees, and they will all be flown to a special training center to be thoroughly briefed on the products they will be educating users about this holiday season.Here is the explanation from the hiring page:If you are extremely tech savvy, love Google products, an outgoing person, an early adopter and are born to spread some tech love, we may have the perfect part-time job for you! This is an outstanding opportunity for a great job with the leading outsourced sales organization www.marketstar.com, representing Google products at Best Buy! It’s not hard to imagine why Google would take this route. There’s plenty of people out there that don’t “get” Chromebooks, and despite their prominent placement in many stores the blue shirts on duty rarely have spent enough time with them to explain why you might want one.On top of this, Best Buy’s mobile department has become overrun with tablets in every shape and size, with employees from Microsoft and Samsung at the ready to explain why their devices are the best. Chromecasts are another important part of Google’s Best Buy presence, being priced just low enough to be an impulse buy for many.Long term, these Google Sales Specialists could serve as ambassadors for the Mountain View company’s most ambitious endeavor to date. Having a person on hand to explain and demonstrate Google Glass when the wearable computer finally does grace the shelves will be a must. Glass is a new kind of device, and a hands on approach for most users is going to be what gets the tech added to the shopping cart.Google’s presence in Best Buy locations couldn’t be more important than it is now, and they are clearly making the first step towards making sure they are well represented in these locations.last_img read more

Major police operation linked to Gary Hutch murder underway in Spain

first_img A MAJOR new police operation linked to the investigation into the gangland murder of Gary Hutch is underway in Spain.Sources have confirmed gardaí have returned to Spain to assist with a number of searches and arrests.The court probing Hutch’s September 2015 killing outside his flat in Miraflores near Fuengirola is understood to have placed a secrecy order on the new and ongoing operation, preventing public officials from releasing any information.But a source confirmed this afternoon that a new operation was ongoing.The insider said: “Three garda officers are present in Spain and a second operation stemming from September’s operation is ongoing on the Costa del Sol.“Several premises are being searched and my understanding is arrests have taken place but I am not at liberty to say any more.”Murder suspect James Quinn was held in Madrid in September in the presence of Irish officers and is currently in custody after being remanded in jail by a court in Fuengirola.Police also raided the MGM gym in Puerto Banus which is linked to the Kinahan crime cartel as part of the earlier operation codenamed Operation Geranium, taking away cash and computers after using bolt-cutters to force their way in.FeudHutch’s shocking murder sparked a bloody feud between the Kinahan and Hutch families in Dublin and Spain which had claimed more than a dozen lives.In August innocent Irish holidaymaker Trevor O’Neill was killed in front of his family in a Majorcan holiday resort.In February David Byrne was shot dead at Dublin’s Regency Hotel during the weigh-in of Jamie Kavanagh, the boxing pal of Daniel Kinahan, in a crime seen as retaliation for Gary Hutch’s murder.Spanish Civil Guard officers also travelled to Ireland in September to take part in the cross-border operation that took place around the time of Quinn’s arrest and also saw searches carried out in Dublin.Quinn, 34, the nephew of veteran Martin ‘The Viper’ Foley, has not been charged with any crime but is understood to have been declared an ‘investigado’ – a new legal term in Spain which literally means ‘under investigation’.The probe into his alleged crime – coordinated by an investigating judge – will continue while he is held in prison.The investigation is expected to last for at least several months.Suspects under Spanish law can be held for a maximum of four years without charge – although a new application to continue holding them in custody has to be sought by officials after two years.Read: A man has been arrested in Spain over the murder of Gary Hutch> Image: Garda Press http://jrnl.ie/3059199 19,948 Views Wednesday 2 Nov 2016, 5:03 PM By Gerard Couzens Image: Garda Press 15 Comments Share6 Tweet Email Nov 2nd 2016, 5:03 PM Major police operation linked to Gary Hutch murder underway in Spain An arrest is understood to have taken place. Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Short URLlast_img read more

TD claims HSE manager tried to destroy career of whistleblower in Grace

first_img http://jrnl.ie/3060166 Short URL Thursday 3 Nov 2016, 10:52 AM By Órla Ryan Nov 3rd 2016, 10:52 AM 23 Comments A SENIOR HSE manager “fabricated” information about the whistleblower who revealed details of the Grace abuse case and tried to “destroy” her career, according to John Deasy.The Fine Gael TD made the claims in the Dáil yesterday.Last year RTÉ’s This Week revealed the story of Grace – a young woman with profound intellectual disabilities who was left in a foster home in the Waterford area for almost 20 years despite a succession of sexual and physical abuse allegations.In 1995, on the back of these claims, the South Eastern Health Board decided not to place any further people in the home.However, a decision to remove Grace was overturned in 1996. As a result she stayed in the home until the whistleblower’s complaint in 2009.The controversy resulted in HSE Director General Tony O’Brien apologising to the 47 families – including Grace’s – who were in the care of the home.Deasy told the Dáil: ”The HSE refused to make Grace a ward of court, even after her removal from the placement. I believe its reasons were that it would probably have to tell the court she had been left at risk and that she would take a civil action. The whistleblower then personally petitioned the High Court on the matter.“The HSE tried to stop her. It referred to the funding it gave to her organisation. It contacted the chairman of the board she worked for and put as much pressure as it could on the whistleblower.“The HSE managers involved wrote letters, including several solicitor’s letters, to the whistleblower’s manager, the board of directors and the High Court. She claims these letters contained fabricated information alleging misconduct by her in the course of performing her duties.This is important for every whistleblower now and in the future. What I am about to say is critical and must be dealt with in the interim before this inquiry happens. The letters to the High Court were drafted by HSE solicitors at the request of a HSE senior manager. They alleged serious misconduct and requested that, owing to this misconduct, the whistleblower be removed as a court-appointed representative for her client.“The letters suggested that the whistleblower was not a fit person to represent her client and, as a result, the HSE could not be expected to work with her. What is interesting is that another HSE manager has since provided the whistleblower with a signed statement that the information contained in those letters had been fabricated.Why? The strong suspicion is the HSE management, about which she had made certain allegations, did not want her to have information to which she was legally entitled and did not want her to continue to expose its failures. Share38 Tweet Email2 18,297 Views Image: Gareth Chaney/RollingNews.ie “She was required to get legal advice and send solicitor’s letters on her own behalf in an effort to ensure she was not removed from her position. No protections were afforded her by the protected disclosures office in the HSE. She will give full details of this and the supporting documentation to the commission of inquiry. None of this has been investigated by either of the previous reviews of these matters.According to the whistleblower, the HSE manager who fabricated this information and sought to destroy her career has been promoted to a new post in Tusla. No disciplinary action has been taken against him.“It is worth pointing out that she briefed the head of the HSE, Mr Tony O’Brien, about all of this last February. Neither Mr O’Brien nor anybody in the HSE has contacted her in the interim or apologised to her for their conduct.”HSE responseA report into the Grace scandal by senior counsel Conor Dignam was published on Tuesday, after several delays.Review of Certain Matters Relating to a Disability in the South East details the measures taken by members of the foster care home and the following actions by the HSE. The identities of those involved have been protected.When TheJournal.ie asked the HSE about Deasy’s comments, they sent us this statement:The Dignam Report, in accordance with its terms of reference, did not examine the substantive issues relating to care of the individuals residing in this foster home. These matters are appropriate to the planned Commission of Investigation, which will have extensive powers under the Commissions of Investigations Act 2004, to conduct investigations, compel witnesses, take testimony under oath and order oath and order documents to be produced. The HSE has stated that it will cooperate fully with the planned Commission of Investigation.Report In his assessment of the HSE’s reactions to the sexual abuse allegations, Dignam concluded that the HSE had failed to investigate properly, and there were still aspects that had not been examined fully:“These are all allegations of the most serious nature and it seems to me that they should have been required to have been inquired into fully and expeditiously in the interests of Grace, all of those other service users, the relationship between the HSE and the service provider and the persons against whom allegations were implicitly or expressly made.Some of these matters have still not been inquired into.“Some, such as the task of identifying any other persons who may have been placed with the former foster family, have now been looked into by Resilience Ireland, but the failure by the HSE to ensure that there could be no doubt but that this was part of the Devine Inquiry means that there was a delay of almost four years in doing so.”The HSE has defended its decision not to publish two internal reports into the case because they were advised by gardaí to allow due process to their investigations into the allegations.- with reporting by Gráinne Ní AodhaRead: HSE didn’t publish reports into foster care abuse claims under garda adviceRead: ‘Some matters still not investigated’: Report finds HSE were slow to examine foster home abuse claims TD claims HSE manager tried to destroy career of whistleblower in Grace abuse case The whistleblower alleges the manager “fabricated” information about her. John Deasy Image: Gareth Chaney/RollingNews.ie John Deasy Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Dentists call for regular teeth screenings in schools to avoid traumatic extractions

first_imgDentists call for regular teeth screenings in schools to avoid ‘traumatic’ extractions Thousands of children have teeth extracted under general anaesthetic each year. Short URL THE IRISH DENTAL Association has called for the introduction of a better-funded oral health programme for preschool children and the restoration of regular school screenings for primary school children nationwide.The call follows the publication of a new study that shows a considerable number of children under the age of five require extractions under general anaesthetic and some children are having as many as nine teeth extracted.The study found that the cost of treatment – €819 per patient – could be as much as eight times the cost of a preventive oral health promotion programme for the same group.TheJournal.ie has been highlighting deficiencies in the State’s care for the health of its citizens’ teeth. Over the weekend, we revealed that cuts to dental check-ups in primary schools has led to children getting multiple teeth extracted.Earlier this month, we also reported on neglect of pensioners in nursing homes where people who have had their own teeth for most of their lives are losing them because of basic lack of dental care once they enter the care system.Now, a study of 347 preschool children in Cork, which has been published in the latest edition of Journal of the Irish Dental Association, has again highlighted the issue.10,000 children Dr Michaela Dalton, President of the HSE Dental Surgeons group of the Irish Dental Association, said the findings showed prevention is not just a better option for patients, it is also much more cost-effective.“The first and most important point to make is that too many children in Ireland are having teeth extracted under general anaesthetic (GA). We believe the number is well over 10,000 every year.This study shows that the problem starts at a very young age for many children and that economically disadvantaged children are at a greater risk of requiring treatment. The study also found that children who underwent extractions under GA at an early age demonstrated poor oral health into adolescence. The Irish Dental Association is calling on Health Minister Simon Harris to introduce preventive programmes targeting preschool-aged children and to provide a comprehensive preventive dental health programme for every child under 12.Previously, Irish children received free dental check-ups in second, fourth and sixth class. However, austerity measures in the wake of the 2008 crash have seen massive cuts in services.When asked about dental screening programmes in schools and the frequency with which dentists visit schools, Harris last week said this is a service matter for the HSE.In a statement to TheJournal.ie, the HSE said it “provides all children with a check-up and primary dental care at least once between the ages of 11 and 13 (sixth class)”.It said the Public Dental Service (PDS) provides pain emergency treatment to all children under 16 years of age and “routine dental examinations and care for school children at key stages of development”.“The majority of HSE dental services also provide for children between the ages of six and eight years of age and the HSE is currently endeavouring to ensure equity of access to this age group in every area,” the statement added.Staff shortages Dalton said having teeth extracted under GA is “a very traumatic event for a young person”.“In the vast majority of cases it is preventable. The HSE often says it cannot introduce programmes due to lack of funds, but this study shows clearly that prevention is far more cost-effective than treatment.”“While the problem begins in preschool, it doesn’t end there. In many parts of the country school screenings which should happen in second, fourth and sixth classes are just not happening due to chronic staff shortages in the Public Dental Service.“In 2015, 16,000 [children] who were due to be screened did not receive an examination. Unless the staff shortages are addressed as a matter of urgency our young people and other vulnerable groups will continue to suffer the consequences of this neglect,” Dalton said.Read: The cost of austerity? Irish children aged 6 are getting teeth extracted under general anestheticRead: Lack of dental care sees nursing home patients needing up to 20 teeth extracted at once 24 Comments Share22 Tweet Email2 By Órla Ryan File photo Image: Shutterstock/Stasique File photo Feb 28th 2017, 6:05 AM Image: Shutterstock/Stasique 7,412 Views Tuesday 28 Feb 2017, 6:05 AM http://jrnl.ie/3262220 Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Irish food is on a promotional tour of Arab states

first_img Michael Creed shows off some Kerrygold. AGRICULTURE MINISTER MICHAEL Creed says that chefs love Irish food.Speaking at Gulfood, the world’s largest annual food event, in Dubai, Creed said that he expects Irish food exports to remain strong in 2017. He is currently on a trade mission centred around the exhibition, promoting Irish brands abroad.“I was particularly pleased to see over 20 Irish companies participating in this event showcasing the best of what Ireland has to offer in this sector.”The day also saw the launch of the UAE chapter of the Bord Bia Chefs’ Irish Beef Club. The Chefs’ Irish Beef Club brings together leading chefs who collectively endorse Irish beef by serving it in their restaurants and support it among diners, shoppers and the food media. The club is aimed at selling Irish beef as a premium product.Creed said the enthusiasm for Irish produce is heartening.“I never cease to be amazed by the enthusiasm of chefs abroad when they are cooking and promoting Irish produce. It is one thing to lead a trade mission to countries to promote Irish food products. It is quite another thing when top class chefs work their magic and place delicious Irish food on consumers’ plates.“It is only then that the same consumer can fully appreciate the excellent taste and quality of Irish beef and it is only then we can see the demand for that same product increase to the ultimate benefit of beef farmers.”Read: Cork councillor says he was called a ‘stupid eejit’ by gardaí after British street signs protest By Paul Hosford Mar 1st 2017, 5:39 PM Short URL Irish food is on a promotional tour of Arab states Michael Creed says chefs love Irish food. http://jrnl.ie/3265745 Wednesday 1 Mar 2017, 5:39 PM Share1 Tweet Email 27 Comments Michael Creed shows off some Kerrygold. 11,008 Views Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Heading outside today Bring an umbrella

first_img 14 Comments Image: Met Éireann 15,374 Views Jan 31st 2017, 7:40 AM Tuesday 31 Jan 2017, 7:40 AM Share19 Tweet Email http://jrnl.ie/3214286 Rainfall radarcenter_img Rainfall radar Image: Met Éireann By Órla Ryan Short URL IT’S RAINING IN many parts of the country this morning, with particularly heavy showers in the east and northeast.Met Éireann says these will clear as the day goes on and there’ll be sunny spells in some areas. Highest temperatures will reach nine to 11 degrees Celsius.There’ll be patches of frost and fog tonight as temperatures will dip to between one and six degrees, and more rain is expected by the morning.Tomorrow will see some sunny spells in the east and north in the morning and later in the west and southwest, but it’ll generally be a cloudy day with some outbreaks of rain. Temperatures will range from around nine to 11 degrees.Wednesday night will be mild and cloudy but there’ll be outbreaks of rain, heavy in places. Temperatures will dip to around five degrees.Read: Two young men charged over burglaries in Offaly Heading outside today? Bring an umbrella Some frost and fog are on the way tonight. Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more